Available courses

1. HDMI 101Auto Enrol

Get to grips with the fundamentals of HDMI

2. HDBaseT 101Auto Enrol

All you need to know about the transmission tech used by most of our products.

3. HDMI metadataAuto Enrol

A breakdown of these technologies and how to work with them for max result

4. Cabling and Installation PracticesAuto Enrol

Installation techniques and requirements to ensure best system performance

5. Troubleshooting digital AVAuto Enrol

Troubleshooting methodology (process of elimination) and testing equipment.

MHUB PRO 2.0 - ARC in Control4Auto Enrol

MHUB and our Control4 driver makes the impossible possible and describes the steps you need to follow in Composer to achieve ARC in Control4.

HDA Cloud - Why and How?Auto Enrol

The importance of our Cloud and how to use it to max benefit.

Setting up a V&A systemAuto Enrol

Combine your MHUB video with your MHUB AUDIO to create a (V&A) stacked system. This video tutorial will walk you through the hardware & wiring basics detailing how to use uControl to setup and configure your system.

What is a HDMI matrix?Auto Enrol

New to the biz and want to know or just understand the question from a consumer perspective?

uControl 101Auto Enrol

Summary of How to do a quick setup of uControl on an MHUB

Signal Manager Essential briefingAuto Enrol

Hardware connectivity & Setup of Signal Manager explained

MHUB PRO 2.0 Essential briefingAuto Enrol

Hardware connectivity per MHUB Pro model explained